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Flexible wire mesh for zoo animal cages

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Flexible wire mesh is made of stainless steel cable into pure hand weaving, with toughness and flexibility of high-quality metal fabrics, flexible at all directions.

Flexible wire mesh is an integral part of building materials.

It takes on areas that traditional metal mesh cannot reach, such as the tent-shaped roof of the birdhouse, the oversized aviary mesh, the varied monkey enclosure, the beast-animals channel network, and so on

Flexible wire mesh can be applied to different designs according to different specifications.

Zoo mesh becomes a new protective fence product

 A common 1.2mm diameter wire rope mesh is used in bird cages.

The 1.6-2.0mm diameter is used in small animals.

The 2.4-3.2mm diameter is used in large animal cages.

They all have complete safety performance, as well as a luxurious look.

In the zoo used for a variety of animal cage building materials, stealth fences, large area safety net.

And flexible wire mesh has natural weather-ability and corrosion resistance, can be competent for a variety of outdoor building materials.

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