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Liulin Lion Enclosure Fence

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Lion Enclosure Fence Netting is a special safety isolation net for lion cages. It has high tensile strength and breaking force. It is widely used in zoos. Huamei stainless steel lion fence can effectively and safely isolate lions from tourists.


Lions are large carnivorous and ferocious animals. Most of the lion cages in the zoo are constructed with steel wire meshes woven with stainless steel ropes for isolation and protection. The main reason is that Liulin stainless steel rope woven mesh has the following features to meet the needs of lion seines:

The stainless steel lion fence has strong breaking force and tensile force, and is strong and firm;

Stainless steel lion enclosure fence is corrosion-resistant and rust-free, suitable for various outdoor environmental conditions;

The stainless steel lion fence does not need maintenance and has a long life;

The protective net of the lion cage is transparent and does not block the line of sight;

The stainless steel lion enclosure fence is beautiful and environmentally friendly, and integrates with nature;

The lion isolation netting is produced by Huamei factory directly, and the size is customized;

The lion protective fence netting has good flexibility, is not limited by the shape of the cage, and is flexible and convenient to install.

Liulin stainless steel rope meshes are used in a variety of specifications for lion fences. For more information, click to view: Lion Seine.

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