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Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh for USA Customer - Liulin Order Sent

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Liulin Metal Mesh order sent- Stainless Steel wire rope mesh is ready for shipping to our client.


This time the client took their architects to communicate directly with us and quickly determined the specifications and sizes to create a comfortable cage for their cats.

This time, the customer selected the product specification of #2051, and divided into 18 pieces of mesh of different sizes according to the requirements. Finally, we were able to complete the delivery without any error.


The stainless steel wire rope mesh is a good animal protection mesh that protects your animals from damage. Stainless steel wire rope mesh come in many different sizes and can be selected according to different animal sizes and habits. For example, the macaw has a hard shackle and needs to choose the thicker rope diameter of #1638 to resist the bite of the macaw. Smaller birds like canaries, need to choose a product size such as #1220 or #1225.

If you don't know which product specification is best for your animal, please contact us and we will provide you with the most suitable product specifications.