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monkey enclosure mesh, monkey cage fence, monkey protection fence, monkey safety net

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Liulin Stainless steel wire rope mesh professional for the monkey cage mesh, monkey enclosure mesh , monkey protection fence,monkey safety net,  ect. Products durable, integrated with nature, can give the monkey creating ecological environment suitable for growth, while also giving visitors anoptimal vision, no sense of fatigue disorder.

monkey is a nickname, many primates we have referred to as monkeys. About 200kinds of monkeys in the world, smallest monkey is the Pygmy Marmoset, the largest is the colorful mandrill, monkeys like people, belong to the Zoology of the "Primates".
Most Primate tree-dwelling or semi-arboreal life, apart from the Ring tailed lemurs, baboons, the Barbary ape in the ground and rocky areas. The monkey is good at climbing, more active during the day. Monkey full of spirituality, is a highly ornamental animals, many zoos have the monkey Pavilion. Features a large monkey mountain for the built environment, around and around the top with liulin stainless steel wire rope mesh , preventing the monkey escaped cage to ensure visitor safety.

Stainless steel wire rope mesh  is a kind of flexible networks, as monkeys protective enclosure mesh can effectively protect the monkey fur, its tensile strength, the Breaking force is also very strong, climbing for love of apes, monkeys, baboons, apes is a very good fence mesh of a cage. Free folding,free folded, convenient transportation, installation flexibility, according to the design can be any shape, not under the influence of the terrain. Overall mesh size custom, covers a wide area, is ideal for outdoor large animal cage netting.
Liulin Stainless steel wire rope mesh for monkey enclosure mesh, Monkey Cage mesh, monkey safty netting, monkey protection fence, lliulin common specifications are as follows:
Wire rope diameter : 1/16",5/64", 3/32";
Mesh hole : 1.2"x 1.2", 1.5" x 1.5", 2" x 2",3" x 3"
Material group : AISI 304, 304Lstainless steel
Custom size.

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Following pictures for the stainless steel wire rope mesh used in the monkey enclosure , for your reference:

monkey enclosure mesh, monkey cage fence, monkey protection fence, monkey safety net