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Stainless steel aviary netting

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Stainless steel aviary netting is often used in large aviary, walk-in Birdhouse and outdoor Birdhouse because of its excellent anti-ultraviolet, weather resistance and corrosion resistance material characteristics.

Stainless steel aviary netting is usually made of 304/316 stainless steel wire rope, which has excellent flexibility and is a kind of flexible wire mesh.

Stainless steel, lightweight, flexible, strong and durable Bird protection fence

This is an excellent building material and decorative materials, many large-scale birdhouses, designers have decided to use this material at the beginning of the design. It not only has excellent characteristics for the construction of bird cages, but also the installation method is very simple. Because of this, it can be applied to a variety of design styles, which designers love.

The design of stainless steel aviary netting usually requires high space, but the traditional reinforced concrete structure can not meet the requirements of open bird house. Nowadays, in the latest design trend, more designers have added glass and stainless steel wire mesh to the cage design. Glass as a wall, can provide the public with high-quality ornamental experience, stainless steel wire rope mesh as the roof, can make the aviary more open, compared with the ordinary aviary air circulation and light transmission have been greatly improved.

Liulin's stainless steel aviary products have a wide range of product specifications and are suitable for all kinds of birds, such as Macaw aviary mesh, red-crowned crane aviary fence, Flamingo aviary wire, African Grey Parrot aviary fencing, etc.