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Stainless Steel Deer Fence Netting

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Stainless steel deer fence netting, also known as flexible deer fence netting, is one of the applications of stainless steel wire rope woven mesh.

Deer is a common animal, they are very active, will appear in groups around the farm and the woods.

Deer fence netting is usually erected to prevent deer from being outside the range of human activity and to keep the deer safe.

Stainless steel deer fence netting is also often used in zoos or safari parks.

Stainless steel fences have many advantages over common metal fences.

For example

1, non-rust, corrosion-resistant properties, so that the fence has an extremely long life.

2, more rugged and stronger.

3, the appearance is more luxurious.

4, easy to clean.

Stainless steel zoo deer fence mesh supplier

and Liulin production of stainless steel wire rope mesh fence has the above advantages at the same time also increased the advantages of more and more:

1, light weight, more sturdy.

2, has toughness, can be folded, easy to transport.

3, good light transmittance, does not hinder the view.

4, elastic, can be applied to a special shape of the frame.

5, the net one-sided plate size can be customized, installation is easier.

6, single-chip panel size is super large, more gorgeous appearance.

Liulin's stainless steel rope mesh products have been recognized and praised by customers.