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stainless steel parrot cage netting construction- zoo mesh

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Parrots cage construction usually has several major needs positioning, one: parrot species and the number of options; two: parrot cage netting selection; three: parrots exhibit environment layout; four: the choice of the venue.

First of all, we must first determine the variety and number of keeping the parrot, where we take the zoo outdoor large parrot park, for example, parrot garden is generally mixed bird park, parrot cage fence enclosure construction is generally three or four meters high, the ground area is not limited. So in the arrangement of parrot cages as follows:

1, In the choice of parrot bird cage netting, the best transparent, do not block the line of sight, but also to soft, it is best to cover a whole parrot cages, so that the parrot can have a broader line of sight, it will not dampen the feathers.
Small parrots such as: tiger skin, peony, mysterious wind, etc. can choose plastic utensils, and large parrots such as: macaw, long-tailed parrots ect, due to strong bite, parrot fence protection and utensils are best to choose stainless steel wire rope mesh, Recommended liulin stainless steel rope netting as the parrot enclosure mesh.

3You can add some facilities in the parrot cages, such as wood, hanging string, cableway, rope ladder, etc., choose non-toxic harmless and rounded blunt stainless steel processing, this will make the parrot happy life, and will not any damage to the facility.

4Parrot is a very picky player, parrot cottage facilities to be constantly replaced, so you can ensure that the parrot more healthy life.

5Parrot cage field is a very important choice, the parrot is a need to socialize bird, in the habit with the spouse inseparable, it feels that they will not be valued when they will be depressed, so we have to choose light, ventilation, flow Intensive location of its placement.

Satisfy the above points, you can give the parrot a free living space, so that the parrot to stay healthy.

Note: The size of the parrot cage can be flexibly constructed according to the number of parrots and the size of the breed. If you plan to keep the parrot for a long time, the choice of the parrot fence is best of stainless steel, that is, stainless steel rope mesh, which can be used without any maintenance , the use life more than thirty years, and corrosion is not rust.

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