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Stainless Steel Woven Mesh in Zoos Construction

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Stainless Steel Woven Mesh in Zoos Construction is Important

With the enhancement of people's living environment and ecological awareness, people are increasingly aware of the importance of protecting the harmonious living environment of people and animals. The application of stainless steel mesh in zoo construction is applicable to the new construction of zoo indoor and outdoor. It has got rid of the traditional way of cages and designed in accordance with the current mode of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

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And Liulin zoo wire mesh production of stainless steel woven wire mesh series of products, using stainless steel, with good visibility, eliminating the visual barriers between people and animals caused by the fence. 

According to the living habits of animals and the actual situation of zoos, the stainless steel woven wire mesh is closely integrated with natural environmental protection, establishing a natural ecological environment where the survival of animals is the main concern.

At the same time, such a design is conducive to enhancing visitors' comprehensive understanding of the relationship between animals and the natural environment, allowing them to get closer to animals and nature. It not only improves the effect of viewing animals, but also promotes the harmony between people and animals, and the integration with nature.

Stainless steel wire rope mesh products have strong tensile strength and good softness, which can protect animal skin from injury. Non-hazardous, safe and durable, it has been widely used in the construction of zoos and birds aviary.

Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh - stainless steel woven mesh products have various specifications and sizes, which are suitable for various animal enclosure nets, such as tiger fences, primate enclosure fences, bird forest aviary nets, and parrot cages. The application of stainless steel mesh in zoos construction is a big progress.

Such as American black bear enclosure mesh project we have done before.

The American black bear is a very large animal and is also very common in zoos. To design a habitat for the black bear, many factors need to be considered, such as environment, construction material, and if it is fun to bear. Although this is not something we need to worry about, as one of the suppliers of zoo construction materials, Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh has always used high-quality stainless steel wire mesh products to allow designers to have better works.

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Customers choose us for two reasons.

First, the quality of our products is good enough. Customers trust us and willing to work with us.

Second, we are willing to think for our customers. 

When using our materials in our designs, we are willing to advise our customers. And we also try our best to give solutions instead of only asking what we should do. Consider not only the cost but also the durability and safety of the enclosure and project.

Mutual trust is and the excellent zoo mesh is the foundation for long-term relationship.


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