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Tiger Fence Railing Mesh for Zoo

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Zoos or wildlife parks have a long history, and new zoos have been built all over the world to introduce wild animals. Because zoos are not only a place for tourists to watch and enjoy, but also a classroom to educate people about wild animals and protect them.

Nowadays, visitors, instead of wanting to watch animals from a distance, want to get up close and personal with them. They want the fencing facilities to be part of the viewing content. After decades of research and development, Liulin zoo mesh manufacturer has produced a series of fences that are both open and safe - stainless steel rope woven mesh.

Today we focus on the zoo tiger fence railing mesh.

Tigers belong to the feline family, although they do not climb trees, but the climbing ability is also very strong. And the tearing power of a tiger is also very large. If the zoo simply set up a four-sided fence, I'm afraid the safety is not enough. It is a good idea to do top protection. But if the whole cage is built indoors, the tiger has no space to move around and it looks like it is in a cage, which is not good for the tiger's health.

Liulin zoo wire mesh manufacturer recommends a design for you - zoo tiger fence railing mesh, which not only has an open activity field, but also prevents tigers from climbing and jumping out of the fence. As shown in the picture, a fold-back mesh surface is set at the top of the fence.

Tiger cage fencing classic caseTiger cage fence mesh

In addition, the raw material of stainless steel rope woven wire mesh is AISI304, 316 stainless steel, very good toughness, and flexible and soft, light in volume, but unusually high impact resistance. With diamond-shaped mesh, beautiful appearance and open view, it meets the design requirements of modern zoos.

Recommended rope mesh specifications for tigers: 

All 1/8" rope diameter mesh specifications are available, of which #3251, #3276, #32102 are most commonly used.

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