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zoo mesh - 100% Hand Woven

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Zoo mesh - 100% Hand Woven is determined by the zoomesh's network structure, zoo mesh's section is X-cross cross-woven, so weaving method can ensure that the node is not displaced, no matter how stretched, the network The location of the festival will not change. This ensures the safety of the use of animals will not pull the mesh to enlarge and escape, which is one of zoomesh popular reasons.

Zoo mesh - 100% Hand Woven also determines the cost of its higher than the average machine mesh, the production speed is relatively fast machine. However, the benefits of hand-weaving mesh is flexible and flexible, can be bent, folded, and can customize the size of the customer's request.

wire rope zoo mesh appearance-01

Zoo mesh - 100% Hand Woven has a wide range of applications, including zoos, safari parks, parks, birds and trees, as well as various safety precautions, fencing, isolation, decoration and sports. zoo mesh - 100% Hand Woven According to the actual situation of customers recommend the appropriate size and size, to achieve the best use of the state.

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