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zoo-specific fence, giraffes fence, and giraffes enclosure

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The zoos and safari park are good place. People will close to nature and animals, and feel free and relax. For example, Giraffes are the highest extant terrestrial animals on the world,  they are 6-8 meters tall when standing. Giraffes are kind of gentle and good animals, they eat leaf as based food, they live in the African savannah. Giraffe is also South Africa's national beast, is a symbol of the African region.


Giraffe has a pair of big eyes, can always pay attention to the movement around. The giraffe's legs are long and run fast. Of course, the most obvious is the giraffe's neck is very long, which allows them to eat the leaves on the tree.


Compared to the wild giraffe, the griaffes in zoo's life are more comfortable, there is no natural enemies, no need to time to watch out for danger, their life is also slightly longer. So in a sense, the zoos are actually a sanctuary for animals.


There are variety of giraffe cage fences in zoos, wood, wire and so on. These giraffe fences are susceptible to rot and rust, which are bad for giraffes. We recommend a zoo-specific fence, can be flexibly installed in the giraffe cages, giraffe venues and so on. We produce zoo fence is a green and environmental protection material, not rust and corrosion, can effectively protect the skin of animals.


If you are interested in zoo-specific fence, giraffes fence, and giraffes enclosure, please contact us at:zoomeshfactory@hotmail.com

zoo-specific fence, giraffes fence, and giraffes enclosure

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