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Animal cage protective fence is important in zoo cage design

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As the most important place for zoo animals, animal cages are the “home” for animals to prosper. Therefore, how to design animals cage that are comfortable to live and ensure that humans can watch animals and interact with animals is essential. . Combined with the practical experience of the zoo's animal cage fence project, LIULIU ZOO MESH FACTORY believes that the following issues are important in the design of the zoo cage:

1. The characteristics of the matching projects vary according to the local conditions and meet the diversified functions. The habitats of different animals are different, and the habits are different. The zoo cages not only allow the animals to settle down, but also need to be easily managed and visited by tourists. This also means that the "home" animals should be fully considered. Sunshine, orientation, temperature, ventilation, water supply and drainage, movable equipment, food and many other requirements to meet diversified functions.

2. Ensure the safety of people and animals and enhance the viewing experience. Zoo projects often have a number of dangerous beasts of raptors, which pose a certain threat to personal safety. Because animals will fight each other, compete for spouses, infectious diseases, etc., all require the flexible handling of animal-to-animal isolation between animals and animals when designing animal cages, to prevent animals from escaping and injuring people. At the same time, under the premise of ensuring safety, it is necessary to maximize the viewing experience of visitors in the park in the cage design.

3, more realistic reproduction of the animal's wild environment, organic fusion of animal and plant elements, not only echoes the animal character of the settlement, but also highlights the protection and science education theme, both aesthetic and practical.

Animal cage protective fence is important in zoo cage design

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