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Animal performance field protective fence

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Many zoos have animal performance venues, which are places for animals to perform, hold events, or special exhibitions.

The protective fence of the animal farm generally has the function of lifting and lowering, and the protective netting is dropped during animal performance to prevent visitors from entering and animals from escaping. After the show is over, the protective netting is put away and the venue can be used for other purposes.

Due to its flexibility, shrinkage and stretch, safety and durability, stainless steel wire rope mesh is very suitable for use in animal performance fences. It can meet the needs of protection, and it can be stored flexibly. It is very convenient to put it in the underground groove or high altitude.

When the stainless steel wire rope mesh is used in the animal performance field fence, it is necessary to pay attention to the mesh angle of 60°, and the mesh should be installed horizontally. The specifications can be #3290, #32102, etc., namely:

Wire rope diameter: 3.2mm (1/8")

Mesh aperture: 90mm x 90mm (3.6" x 3.6"), 102mm x 102mm (4" x 4")

Animal performance field protective fence

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