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Best Deer Barrier Fence in Zoo, Farm, Garden, Parks

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As the best deer barrier fence, stainless steel rope mesh plays an important role in Zoo, farm, garden, parks and other similar place.

The earliest deer barrier fence was mainly used for the isolation of animals and humans, controlling the mutual plunder and also playing an important role in protection. Nowadays, barrier fences are widely used, but the main role is still to limit and protect.

The deer barrier fence design must consider the size, strength, intelligence and/or instinct of the species being repulsed, physical characteristics, and the attractiveness of the crop or area to potential predators.

For Deer Barrier Fence, we found that the 8-foot-high stainless steel rope mesh fence was more successful than the other fences. The most commonly used meshes are 3" x 3" and 4" x 4" with a rope diameter of 3/32" and 1/8", the mesh codes are: 2476, 24102, 3276, 32102.

Stainless steel rope mesh used for deer barrier fence has good permeability, excellent corrosion resistance, rust resistance, fatigue resistance, and can resist impact and damage.

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