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Bird Netting Aviary Netting

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Now we intruduce a project case about Bird Netting Aviary Netting.

Now we intruduce a project case about Bird Netting Aviary Netting.

As people return to the demands of nature more and more urgent, people are increasingly like some of the natural environment built or modified zoo and parks, birds and so on. The project case of this Bird Netting Aviary Netting is localed in Xian, China,it is a large bird ornamental park that specializes in domestication, protection, reproduction and popularization. This bird park for the canyon of the terrain, according to local conditions of the "syllable sequence landscape" design planning ideas, in order to explore the effective way of the construction of wild birds.

The area of the bird forest is very large, reaching tens of thousands of square meters, in the design, the designer fully consider all aspects of the factors. For example, from the tourists point of view, and earnestly consider the various levels of visitors to watch and rest needs. To the theme of flowers, highlighting the wild mountains, people and birds are in a good ecosystem environment. This is the harmonious development of man and nature.

In the environment, the designer based on the original environment of the region, the use of ingenious finishing and transformation, so that the bird language forest land use greater, less cost, artistic effect is higher. Construction of the use of Bird Netting Aviary Netting as the main bird language forest material, is the whole project more reliable and durable, life has reached more than 30 years.

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