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Bird cage netting selection and building

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The birdcage is a place where birds rest and live, the bird cage netting is the safety barriers, it's very important. When celect and build the bird cage netting, it is necessary according to the different size of birds, habits and aggressiveness.

Bird cage netting selection and buildingthe bird cage netting is the safety barriers

Bird cages netting have many options, such as bamboo, wood or metal and other materials. But for the outdoor large bird cages, metal material bird cage netting economical and practical, is a good choice.

Outdoor large bird language forest, visitors can go inside the bird cage, close contact with the birds. This kind of bird cage netting and more choice of stainless steel rope woven zoo mesh, because this network permeability is good, do not block the line of sight, both for watching bird activities, and meticulous appearance, easy to watch visitors. Usually parrots, larks, peacocks, macaws, sunflower parrots, lark birds, thrush, magpie and so on.

In the zoo, there are a number of specialized individual bird cages, such as red-crowned cranes, flamingos, crested ibis, peacocks, ostriches and so on. This bird is relatively large, you can use the large mesh of the bird netting, good ventilation and does not affect the sight of the visit.

Carnivorous birds, such as eagles, vultures, peregrine falcons, carvings, vultures, etc., aggressive, in the safe isolation and protection should be very cautious. In the convenience of visitors to watch at the same time to ensure safety protection performance. Stainless steel wire rope bird cage netting is the best choice, high strength tensile strength, corrosion resistance, anti-bite, impact resistance and other materials are unmatched by other materials.

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