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Cage type sports field fence, cage stadiums fence

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The cage-type multi-purpose sports venue is an innovative integrated sports venue that integrates basketball, football, volleyball, badminton and other sports.

According to the standard requirements, the cage sports ground area is generally 800-1000 square meters. There are fences around the stadium, and top nets can be added to prevent the ball from flying out of the court. Most of the cages are equipped with basketball stands, which are suitable for 5-a-side basketball matches. They can also be adjusted to football equipment or other sports facilities as required.

Cage sports grounds occupy a small area and have a high utilization rate. They can choose different sports methods to exercise according to different hobbies, effectively solve the conflict between shortage of land resources and construction of sports venues, and are especially suitable for communities with high population density and land shortage.

Stainless steel wire rope mesh used for cage type sports field fence, cage stadiums fence

With regard to the selection of fences for cage stadiums, let's look at this case. There are two cage stadiums owned by Shanghai were formerly made of iron wire mesh. Although the operators have used cotton cloth to wrap the lower half of the iron fence, it is impossible to wrap the entire iron cage. After one and a half years of use, the iron wire has been rusted by the sun and wind. If the wire breaks, there will be exposed metal sheets, sharp and inconceivable.

The operators also discovered the problem and planned to transform it. They intended to use nylon mesh instead of iron wire mesh. The flexibility of the nylon mesh were much better than those of the iron wire. Even if it were a collision under sports conditions, it would not do any harm to the body. This reconstruction process requires various costs such as procurement and construction. However, what is more important is that the elasticity of the nylon mesh is maintained for a certain period of time. Aging is unavoidable, and there may be cases where the rupture exceeds the elastic limit of nylon under severe shock. Therefore, in fact, such a transformation has taken a high cost, but there is no permanent solution to the safety of the fence network.

In this case, they found our team. After our suggestion, they finally chose to use the stainless steel wire rope mesh as cage type sports field fence, cage stadiums fence. This kind of mesh products has strong, flexible, and durable performance, but it will not Rusted, corroded and aged cracked. We also guarantee that stainless steel wire rope mesh products can be used for more than 30 years without post-maintenance. Until now, the upgraded cage-type multi-purpose sports field has been put into use for more than two years. As a fence, stainless steel wire rope mesh products are still new and protect the safety of the stadium and people.

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