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Custom made Parrots cage netting

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Custom made Parrots cage netting

Custom made Parrots cage netting Parrots cage netting must have a good ventilation

Parrots cage netting should have the basic conditions,

1. Ventilation, Parrots cage netting must have a good ventilation, because the summer is very hot, rainy day is very wet, the air is not flowing, then easy to breed bacteria, high temperature is also easy to let the birds sudden death.

2. Parrots cage netting can shelter, in fact, some varieties of parrots are very cold, but most afraid of is the wind, cold wind hot air blowing directly on the body will give them a lot of pressure, after all, rest time in the tree.

3.Parrots cage netting to have a good permeability, to ensure that more than 10 hours a day sunshine, can not be direct, sun and calcium, vitamin d relationship.

4. To avoid noise, which is important for the breeding of abnormal, no birds are willing to grow in unsafe places.

5. No mouse, cat, eagle, weasel, bad guys and other natural enemies of the intervention.

6. It is advisable to be close to a clean water source, with proper power facilities (protective sockets), etc. This is important because the water is changed every day in the summer, and it is best to have a water filter.

It is very important to create a living environment where there are many habitats in the Parrots cage netting. It is very difficult to simulate the wild environment, parrots are wild animals, but also in the low end of the food chain, especially small parrots, in addition to animal natural enemies, there are many natural enemies, so the need for special protection.

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