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Parrots fencing net – Flexible wire mesh factory

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Parrots fencing net are common in zoos, and its common material is stainless steel cable mesh. This is a flexible wire mesh that is perfect for all types of parrot aviaries, like parrots, macaws, cockatoos, grey parrots, etc.

First, we recognize products through product materials. Parrots fencing net are woven from high-quality stainless steel wire. Stainless steel materials have very strong tensile and tough properties, and are suitable for bird houses in a variety of birds.

Second, flexible wire mesh has outstanding properties, such as being very soft, tough, and capable of withstanding tremendous tension and impact. It is resistant to wind, snow and high temperatures and is suitable for all kinds of environments and climates. Durable, non-rusting, non-deformable, long service life of up to 30+ years, and low maintenance costs.

 Parrots Cage Netting mesh

How to choose the right Parrots fencing net?

For small parrots, we recommend using #1220, #1225, #1625 for common aviary projects.

For large parrots, the common macaw wire, we recommend you to use #1638, #2038, #2051 and so on.

These specifications are used all over the world and have been selected by the customers flexibly. They have received very good feedback.


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