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Features and selection of the golf course fence

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The wide range of uses of stainless steel wire rope mesh can be used as a safety net for various stadiums, playgrounds, playgrounds and stadiums, such as school stadiums fence, soccer fields fence, basketball courts fence, rugby fields fence, tennis courts fence, and large golf courses fence. Take the golf course fence as an example, let's introduce the characteristics and choices of the golf course fence.

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1. Golf course fence's area is large, fence need large height, mesh aperture need small.

2. The traditional golf course fence is made of nylon mesh, the cost is low, but the service life is too short. Sun exposure a few months is broken, repair difficult, the overall high net change net.

3. Golf course fence with stainless steel wire rope mesh is a flexible mesh, stretch and stretch force, free from environmental impact, according to customer needs custom mesh size.

4. The stainless steel wire rope mesh used for the golf course fence is made of stainless steel 304, which will not rust and corrode. It is durable and environmental friendly with a service life of more than 30 years without maintenance and low overall cost.

5. For the golf course, the fence is a long-term facility, poor quality products not only ineffective, the role of small, frequent replacement will increase costs. Stainless steel wire rope one-time investment, the late low cost.

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