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Installing stainless steel wire rope mesh

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We have summarized a few common questions about installing stainless steel wire rope mesh, and they are also the most concerned about customers. I hope that they can help the purchase of products.

1. Can we provide on-site installation services?

Due to the uncertainty of the construction site and the difficulty in moving the construction personnel and equipment, we generally do not provide on-site installation services. However, for difficulties in installation and can not installation, we can use graphics, video, door-to-door guidance and other means to ensure that customers can use stainless steel wire rope mesh with confidence.

2. What tools are needed for installation, free of charge or not?

Stainless steel wire rope mesh installation accessories generally include tools such as wire ropes, ferruleds and pliers. A small number of installation accessories can be given to customers free of charge, customers need to tell us in advance.

3. What are the installation methods?

The most common method of installation is to wind the wire around the frame and the edge of the mesh panel. This method is both fast and simple. For more details on the installation method and introduction, please click the Installation page.

4. Do you need a professional installation?

The stainless steel wire rope mesh installation method is simple, does not require professional operation, and does not require a large amount of work. Ordinary construction personnel can participate in the installation.

Installing stainless steel wire rope mesh

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