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Mesh order for Jaguar enclosure is shipping

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This order is for Jaguar enclosure mesh, the leading time is 7 days, now is shipping time.

The zoo mesh code for Jaguar enclosure is #3276, with the wire rope diameter 3.2mm (1/8"), and aperture 76mm x 76mm (3" x 3"). 

stainless steel zoo mesh shipping

This model is commonly used for caging ferocious animals, it is strong and druable to protecting the animals in the cage and preventing out. Also be used for Tiger enclosure mesh, Lion enclosure mesh, Gorilla cage fence and so on.

The zoo mesh for also can be made as a passageway in the sky to connecting two areas, or as a beautiful modeling, just such as tiger in philadelphia zoo, there is a long tunnel in the sky for tiger pass through. Tigers in the sky, It's incredible, right? Use our zoo mesh products, you can do it.

Use our zoo mesh products, the tiger can in the sky

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