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Modern Zoo Walking area with stainless steel rope netting mesh products

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stainless steel rope netting mesh

What can we do with our stainless steel rope netting mesh in the zoological construction and landscape construction?

1. Of course, you can use the wire rope netting mesh to caging animals, as animal enclosure mesh, animal fence, bird netting, aviary netting and so on.

2. Using wire rope netting mesh to construct the walking area landscape, stainless steel rope netting mesh is flexible, soft, can be stretched to any shapes and meet growing of design.

3. The wire rope netting mesh will integration with plants, especially vine plants, so can be fencing animals of the natural barrier, but also from a beautiful landscape.

Animals in all zoos around the world wild stocking area is not much difference, tour time are almost all, in about 30 minutes. However, visitors visit the zoo at different times, the largely because the zoo's pedestrian area is designed to bring people different experiences. Therefore, the modern zoo should focus on the construction of the pedestrian zone.

Many excellent zoos abroad are good examples of pedestrian construction, such as the Frankfurt Zoo, the Berlin Zoo, the New York Bangs Zoo, the Washington National Zoo. These excellent zoos have millions of visitors each year, fully confirming the construction is very successful. In China, Guangdong Panyu Xiangjiang wildlife world success is his pedestrian area construction is very good.

Zoo finishing environment is very important, a green grass, flowers, clean and tidy places will make visitors enjoyable, very relaxed mood.

With a small amount of time to build a permanent project without the need for post-maintenance, to animals a long home, we and customers choose the reason for the stainless steel rope netting mesh products.

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