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Packing & Shipping wire rope netting zoo mesh

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The wire rope mesh is a kind of flexible netting mesh, has good ductility, can be any stretch, able to adapt to a variety of shapes and shapes. So many customers using the mesh to caging animals, like tiger fence mesh, lion enclosure mesh, leopard fence netting, bird netting, aviary netting, monkey enclosure netting, gorilla enclosure mesh, deer fence mesh and so many place in zoo, safari park, garden, ect. So we call the wire rope mesh is Zoo mesh, zoo netting, Zoo fence, Zoo enclosure mesh.

The wire rope fencing netting mesh is a kind of knotted wire rope netting mesh, fabric netting mesh, X-corss netting mesh.

Packing & Shipping wire rope netting zoo mesh

About packing the zoo mesh, the wire rope netting zoomesh are hand woven by mustistrand wire cables, so in the natural state, the stainless steel wire rope netting is contracted, can be easily to rolling folding, playing volume, into the woven bag. When customers receive the goods, open the package, expand the mesh, you can install and use it.

In shipping wire rope netting zoo mesh, we offer three modes of transport price as a reference, namely sea, air and express. Customers can choose and pay the appropriate fees. We also accept freight collect.

Usually, for a small amount of goods, customers will choose courier, door to door service, by FedEx, DHL, or TNT, UPS to delivery the wire rope netting mesh.

For a large number of cargo, customers will choose the air way, air port to air port, need to pick up the goods at air port warehouse, if you near  the international airport, this will be a good choose.

Shipping by sea is a lengthy process and we are happy to help customers to transport them if they wish.

In short, we are honest, humane, will give priority to customers to consider.

If you are interested in our products of wire rope netting mesh, please contact us: zoomeshfactory@hotmail.com