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Parrots/Macaw/Parakeet/Cockatoo cage fence netting

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LIULIN Stainless steel zoo mesh is a good mesh very suitable used for various parrots cage fence, macaw netting, parakeets protective netting, cockatoo cage netting, and other similar birds cage safe fence.

There are many mesh codes for selection, you can determined the suitable form the following details:

Wire rope diameter: 1.2mm (3/64"), 1.6mm (1/16"), 2.0mm (5/64")

Mesh aperture: 25.4mm x 25.4mm (1" x 1"), 38mm x 38mm (1.5" x 1.5"), 51mm x 51mm (2" x 2"), 76mm x 76mm (3" x 3").

You can customize the mesh panel size and quantity as needed to better fit the parrot cage. Parrots are common in various areas and are very beautiful birds that people like to raise. So you can see it at the zoo and in the bird gardens and bird lovers.

The power of the parrot's cockroaches is very strong, so it should be raised in a metal cage. The Stainless steel zoo mesh is sturdy and durable, preventing the parrot's bite, and the Stainless steel zoo mesh's surface is soft and can protect the parrot's feathers. Therefore, the Stainless steel zoo mesh is the most ideal parrot cage fence netting.

Parrots/Macaw/Parakeet/Cockatoo cage fence netting

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