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Macaw cage netting - Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh Netting

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Macaw cage netting is also known as macaw fence netting, stainless steel macaw aviary netting, and woven parrot wire rope netting. It is an ecological zoo netting and aviary material made of woven stainless steel wire rope.

Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh Factory is a metal mesh manufacturer supplying high strength hand woven stainless steel mesh for macaw cage exhibit and barrier fencing that can be widely used in zoos and wild parrot parks. We have a wide variety of large macaw cage nets.

Hand woven stainless steel mesh is ideal for macaw cages and macaw exhibits.

What is hand woven stainless steel wire mesh?

Flexible hand woven stainless steel wire rope mesh material is made of high quality stainless steel wire rope; stainless steel wire rope grades include SUS 304 / 304L type, 316 / 316L type.

Flexible hand woven stainless steel wire mesh is diamond shaped mesh with excellent flexibility and can be stretched to any shape. The wire rope mesh is very strong, almost indestructible, and has the highest impact and vandal resistance. It is not afraid of moisture, does not rust, and is most resistant to rain, snow, and hurricanes.

As shown in the picture below.

Macaw cage netting,macaw safety fence mesh           Macaw parrot cage fence netting

Recommendations for macaw cage nets and macaw bird aviary mesh nets.

Wire Rope Netting #2051;

Rope diameter: 2.0 mm;

Aperture: 51 mm x 51 mm;

Size: customized according to customer requirements.

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