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Zoo Wire Mesh Fabric for Zoo Animals

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Zoo wire mesh fabric is a mesh woven from high quality stainless steel wire mesh. It is mainly used in the construction of zoo exhibit enclosures, birdhouses and fences.

Liulin zoo wire mesh provides various sizes of stainless steel rope wire woven mesh cloth for the world's top zoos. It is handmade, truly environmentally friendly and reusable. It is easy and convenient to install. The zoo wire mesh is durable, rust-free, not easily damaged and cut-resistant.

Our company promises that all the products supplied are AISI304/316 stainless steel, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed. Welcome new and old customers to inquire.

monkey outdoor mesh

Many customers do not have a special understanding of the characteristics of this product when they first come into contact with zoo animal netting. Here we will introduce it in detail:

Stainless steel wire rope netting is made of material 304 or 316 stainless steel wire rope hand-woven by mold. Zoo animal netting is a creative product which can perfectly replace the fences and wire mesh used in zoos, so it is called zoo netting by customers.

1. Good sight line and high transparency: there is no sense of restraint, giving animals a free living environment and visitors a good sight line.

2. Flexibility: the smooth mesh surface can be in close contact with the animal's fur and feathers without damaging them, while ensuring sufficient tensile strength.

Hand woven stainless steel cable mesh is the best choice for big cats enclosures and fence.

3. Its rust-proof, corrosion-proof and maintenance-free features, as well as its extra-long service life, can provide a beautiful site and reduce the operating costs of the zoo. A one-time investment provides permanent use, and its comprehensive benefits greatly exceed those of other competitive products.

4. Light weight; good elasticity; fatigue resistance; high tensile strength; simple structure; environmentally friendly; non-toxic and recyclable; easy transportation and installation; no deformation in long-term use.

Stainless steel woven wire mesh - a fencing metal material that can meet the special needs of animals. Stainless steel woven wire mesh fencing can keep animals safe and secure.

From hamsters to horses, from birds to cheetahs - woven wire mesh fencing does the job well.

Today we will introduce the stainless steel woven mesh fence produced by Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh. It is made of stainless steel and is also suitable for small animals or birds. All you have to do is to choose the right wire diameter, finish and the right size of opening.

Liulin's stainless steel wire mesh can provide a safe area for animals to occupy without the need for electricity to be applied to the fence. The woven stainless steel form is very strong and will not be torn off.

mall cat cage fence, outdoor cage fence for small cats

Generally, for big cats, using 1/8" wire diameter and 2" to 4" opening sizes will keep the cheetah fence's rails secure. Such specifications are also suitable for tigers, lions or black bears.

Whatever size and type of animal you have, there is stainless steel woven wire fencing mesh that will keep them safe and secure.

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