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Zoo Monkey Exhibition Cage Net

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When a zoo is considering updating Zoo Monkey Exhibition Cage Net to meet the needs of a modern zoo or wildlife park, the safety of visitors and animals must be given the highest level of priority. Therefore, it is very important to plan ahead and choose a quality zoo fence or enclosure facility.

Liulin stainless steel rope fence factory's new zoo fence mesh, high-grade looking; solid and durable, is the preferred material for zoo reconstruction.

Visitors to zoos now have increasingly high aesthetic requirements, not only to see the animals clearly, but also to see them moving freely in aesthetically pleasing exhibit room. And the modern zoo standards are becoming more and more humane, the treatment of animals should also be protected.

Monkey-Gorilla-Orangutan-Primates animal enclosure fence mesh

Liulin Zoo Stainless Steel Rope Fence Factory supplies zoo stainless steel woven wire mesh for many zoos at home and abroad, and has made many contributions to the humanization of zoos. From lions and tigers to birds and monkeys, visit our website to learn how our zoo enclosures help zoos and make one zoo pavilion an attractive landscape.

There are various designs of zoo monkey exhibit cage nets, but it is important to follow the monkeys' habits. If they are roughly placed in a small cage, it will definitely have a very big impact on the monkeys' habits and performance.

The application of stainless steel woven wire mesh for zoos has greatly improved this situation. Wire rope mesh has a diamond mesh structure, permeability breathability are particularly good. It is very flexible and can be designed into any shape, close to nature and green. This way the animals are free to enjoy the natural environment, such as sunlight, water flow and trees.

If you are considering rebuilding or new primate cages, we recommend Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh products for you. We are a factory, and we have absolute advantages in quality and price.

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