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Personal safety net -- Easy to install and high load capacity

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As a personal safety net, the stainless steel wire rope net can be applied as a swimming pool protection net, a high platform anti-fall net, a fence net, etc., to protect children or pets from falling safety, and workers or large objects to fall and protect workers. 

It is easy to install, easy to carry, and has a very strong high load capacity to provide adequate safety protection.

stainless steel cable mesh for bridge protective fence

1, it can be used in the construction site of the building, placing workers or large objects to fall.

2, for the protection of bridges.

3, it can be used as a high-rise balcony and stair railing to protect the safety of children or pets.

4, it can be used as a family pool, or a protective net for the pond to prevent people or debris from falling.

Bridge protection netting

Stainless steel wire mesh has the following characteristics:

1, flexible metal mesh, easy to install, foldable, easy to transport and store.

2, high toughness, high load carrying capacity and good impact resistance.

3, UV stable, durable, can be used in outdoor or wet environments.

4, soft, smooth surface, does not hurt people.

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