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Black Wire Rope Mesh Order Completed

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Black wire rope mesh order completed and sent to our Canada customer by FedEx this week.

Black wire rope mesh is the stainless steel natural color wire rope mesh with black oxide finished surface. It is very popular in Europe and America. 

The stainless steel wire rope net is both beautiful and strong as a park fence. Both the cable woven net and the steel wire rope ferrule mesh net are beautiful and have strong tensile strength. The black oxidized steel wire rope net is a high-end product whose surface has been black oxidized.

black wire rope mesh orderblack wire rope mesh

Liulin zoo mesh manufacturer is an experienced stainless steel cable fence factory and supplier. We supply steel wire rope nets to customers in many countries. We maintain a good cooperative relationship with our customers, including zoos, parks, and construction companies.

Customers who use stainless steel wire rope woven mesh for the first time will want a sample or a small trial order after ordering in large quantities. This is a very clever approach. The samples allow you to learn more about the feature of the mesh, and test it.

If the sample size is not specified, we can provide it for free, and the customer only needs to bear the sample shipping fee. We are willing to provide you with the opportunity to fully understand the black cable mesh.

Contact us to get a trail order. Email:sale@ssnetting.com