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Primates monkeys enclosure mesh reform selection

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Primates monkeys enclosure mesh reform selection

Primates monkeys enclosure mesh reform selection.jpg

Primates monkeys are always the favorite animal group of tourists, in the primate monkey enclosure mesh design and transformation, the designers need to consider the factors are: 1. Safe primate fence selection; 2 . To create a more suitable living environment for animals; 3. To show the natural behavior and community relations of primates; 4. To give visitors a more intuitive visit; 5. To reduce the tourists feeding on animals.

To leaf monkey enclosure mesh, for example, the original monkey cage facilities are old, the area is very small, can not meet the needs of the activities of the monkeys. The old monkey enclosure mesh are thick, dense, not conducive to visitors to visit. On this basis, to reform the leaf monkey cage, including: 1. Increase the area of the monkey cage; 2. Re-layout and maintenance of drainage, electrical and other infrastructure; 3. Using the new stainless steel wire rope mesh as a monkey enclosure mesh, which are lightweight, high strength, good line of sight, both to facilitate visitors to visit and effectively prevent the feeding of tourists, but also to the cage ventilation requirements.

Stainless steel rope mesh 5/64", 2" x 2", ( 2.0mm, 51mm x 51mm).jpg

After the reform of the leaf monkey enclosure mesh with 2.0mm wire rope diameter, mesh aperture size is 51mm x 51mm, material is stainless steel 304, the service life will be more than 30 years, without latter maintenance and cost. Moreover, the soft stainless steel wire rope mesh can also climb, for the daily activities of the monkeys to bring fun.

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