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Protection fence of stadiums and sports fields

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In addition to being mainly used for animal safety fences, LIULIN ZOOMESH products also have an important application, namely the protection fence of stadiums and sports fields. The characteristics of LIULIN ZOOMESH applied to such protection nets are as follows:

The usual stadium fences are mostly used for perimeter protection, while the new cage type stadiums need to cover the top grid. LIULIN ZOOMESH is able to do the job with its lightweight advantages.

LIULIN ZOO MESH The mesh used in the stadium protection net is usually diamond-shaped, simple and beautiful, and does not cause visual fatigue.

The stadium protection netting is required to withstand large impacts and is not deformed, and the service life is long enough not to be replaced frequently. The LIULIN ZOO MESH has a service life of more than 30 years and requires no post-maintenance.

The shape of the mesh of the LIULIN ZOO MESH is neat and tidy, saving time and effort during the installation process and effectively reducing costs.

The permeability of the LIULIN ZOO MESH is very good, and the line of sight inside and outside the stadium is unimpeded, so that the environment is not closed and air circulation is convenient.

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