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Protective netting of hornbills cage

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In the zoos or in the birds garden, the hornbill is a kind of common birds. The hornbill is bright and colorful, and has a strange shape. It is a kind of bird that is easy to be remembered and liked by tourists. Stainless steel wire rope mesh products can be used in the protective fence of the hornbill cage to prevent birds from flying out or other invaders entering.

As a number of ornamental birds, there are many hornbills, so hornbills can be seen in many zoos or bird parks around the world. The life of the hornbill is very long, in 30-40 years, even up to 50 years, so the protective netting of the hornbill cage must be strong enough to avoid the adverse effects of frequent replacement. The stainless steel wire rope mesh has a service life of more than 30 years and requires no post-maintenance. It is an ideal hornbill protective fence.

The suitable size of the stainless steel wire rope net for the hornbill cage protection netting is #1651, ie

Wire rope diameter: 1.6mm (1/16")

Mesh aperture: 51mm x 51mm (2" x 2")

The stainless steel wire rope net has a high cost performance, and it can be said once and for all, without post-cost, once and for all. Therefore, many domestic and foreign zoos and bird parks have used stainless steel wire rope net products, not only for hornbill cage protection nets, but also for other bird protection fences, such as cranes, hawks, parrots, flamingos, etc. birds.

Protective netting of hornbills cage

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