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Roof Animal Cage Fence

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Under normal circumstances, Roof Animal Cage Fence is mainly applied to bird netting, monkey fence, and small cats fence, mainly to prevent birds and animals from the above out. And other animal cages, such as zebra fence, deer fence, etc., only need the side of the fence.

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Roof Animal Cage Fence's using, on the one hand in order to prevent animals from the above out, but also increase the upper space, increase the scope of animal activity. In the actual design, Roof Animal Cage Fence can make a lot of beautiful shape, which also makes the cottage itself as a landscape.

Specifically, Roof Animal Cage Fence, often used nylon and stainless steel material fence, but because of nylon crack easily corrosion, can not be exposed, the service life is too short, most of the zoo will choose stainless steel material fence as cage top network. The While the ordinary stainless steel material mesh ductility is not good, but not soft and flexible, so now the zoo like the stainless steel wire rope woven mesh.

Stainless steel wire rope woven mesh are woven by the wire ropes from hands, soft and tough, ductile, and can adapt to a variety of modeling cage design. The most important, stainless steel wire rope woven mesh service life of up to 30 years, during which no maintenance, so that it completely solved the problem of Roof Animal Cage Fence maintenance difficult.

We produce stainless steel wire rope woven mesh has a variety of specifications, can be suitable for a variety of animal cage side fence, Roof Animal Cage Fence, etc., if necessary, please contact us:

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