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Stainless Steel Zoo mesh advantage

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Stainless Steel Zoo mesh is an innovative material that is a flexible wire mesh made of stainless steel material AISI304/316.

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, stainless steel wire rope composed of stainless steel wire, and stainless steel wire rope woven into stainless steel rope mesh. Whole product is composed of stainless steel wire rope intertwined and interspersed, and no other structure is needed.

LIULIN stainless steel zoo mesh as a suitable fence products

Advanced processing technology has created many advantages of the stainless steel zoo mesh:


    • 1, simple structure, strong and durable, no deformation, no disconnection.

    • 2, flexible and elastic, stretchable, foldable, shape to adapt to the shape of various design requirements.

    • 3, good light transmission, can provide visitors with a good view, does not affect the line of sight.

    • 4, light weight, easy to install and transport.

    • 5, can withstand strong pull, not afraid of animal chewing and biting.

    • 6, anti-weathering, UV-resistant, long service life, as long as new.

    • 7, easy to clean, almost no maintenance costs.


With so many advantages, it is perfect for building zoo enclosures.

Its mesh size and panel size are all customizable. The single panel can reach an impressive 3000 square feet. The bird's fence consisting of an oversized panel is very luxurious and beautiful.

The stainless steel zoo mesh has broad prospects, and more and more designers have incorporated it into the design plan, contributing more and better animal cage projects to more and more zoos.