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Stainless Steel aviary mesh

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Stainless Steel aviary mesh is hand-woven using stainless steel wire rope.

Use two wire ropes to interspersed each other to form knots. Multi-stranded wire rope weaving into a number of sections to form a mesh panel.

Stainless steel rope mesh for bird aviary has the following characteristics

  • 1, simple structure, strong and durable, no deformation, no rupture.

  • 2, the mesh surface is soft, elastic, easy to shape, will not harm the bird's feathers.

  • 3, not rusty, beautiful appearance.

  • 4, the surface does not need to be galvanized, non-toxic health.

  • 5, anti-ultraviolet, anti-snow.

  • 6, light weight, more robust than other wire mesh of the same weight.

Stainless steel material wire rope woven mesh is very suitable for kinds of bird cage fence

The use of stainless steel wire rope woven mesh in the construction of bird aviary is the safest and best product, which can replace the common stainless steel welded mesh and galvanized mesh.

Galvanized mesh can cause zinc poisoning because birds lick the mesh, which takes zinc from the wires, which can be fatal.

And stainless steel welded mesh is limited to the size of the mesh one-sided plate, and its own rigidity, so that it can not be used for roof or stereoscopic shape.

As bird stainless steel aviary mesh, the following product specifications can be selected

Mesh: The distance between two adjacent parallel lines, measured from the center of the line to the center, commonly used in the aperture of the bird aviary: 15mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 38mm Rope Diameter: Thickness of wire rope, rope diameter commonly used in aviary: 12mm 16mm 20mm

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