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Stainless steel Netting for breeding parrot cages

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Parrots are loved birds, so there will be industries that are engaged in parrot farming. So, how do you choose the right parrot cage netting products?

Parrot cages netting must first be strong and durable. We know that parrots like to bite the nets and thus destroy the ntes. Therefore, plastics, nylons and other materials that are not strong enough can not be used. The material of the parrot cage nettting is best made of stainless steel, because the stainless steel will not rust and corrode, will not be destroyed, and can give the parrot a safe and long-lasting environment.

Secondly, the parrot cages netting need to choose the appropriate specifications. Take the stainless steel wire rope mesh as an example. If a large parrot, such as a macaw, is enclosed, the rope diameter is 2.0mm and the mesh aperture is 51mm x 51mm. For medium-sized parrots, you can choose a rope diameter of 1.6mm and a mesh aperture of 38mm x 38mm. If it is a small parrot, you can choose a rope diameter of 1.2mm and a mesh aperture of 25.4mm x 25.4mm.

Stainless steel wire rope mesh used for Parrot cages fence netting

For animal breeding, it is a long-term work, especially in the formation of a stable environment, which will be conducive to the growth and reproduction of animals. We are committed to the long-term project of animal fences and give animals a long-term, safe environment. If you agree with our ideas or interest the products of stainless steel wire rope mesh, please contact me.

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