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Stainless steel cable mesh

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Stainless steel cable mesh is a new type of zoo enclosure, which is used more and more widely in daily life.

As we all know, the zoo is a collection, breeding of various animals, scientific research and ex situ protection of the place, for people to watch, scientific popularization, publicity and conservation education.Because we can see the animals that are hard to see in life. However, animal injuries in zoos also happen from time to time.So how to ensure the safety of visitors during the visit is particularly important.

Stainless steel cable mesh

In case of such an event, we can choose to install a stainless steel cable net to ensure the safety of visitors.First of all, the stainless steel cable net has a wide field of vision and no visual impairment, which can give the animals more free living space and better visitors.Second,

Stainless steel cable mesh features:

High flexibility, smooth surface, rust resistance, corrosion resistance, maintenance free, long service life and other advantages.

Light weight, easy to process, high tensile strength, recyclable, easy to transport and disassembly.

Stainless steel cable network parameters:

Different animals should be protected by different types and specifications of stainless steel cable net.The size and size of stainless steel cable mesh can be selected and customized according to the actual situation.This customization can meet the needs of each zoo.