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Stainless steel material Bird aviary netting

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The traditional Bird aviary netting is nylon material, this bird netting life is very short, fear of exposure, wind load capacity is poor. In addition, the nylon mesh is easy to catch the bird, causing damage to the birds. So this bird network we do not recommend the use, especially large outdoor bird park garden projects.

Stainless steel material Bird aviary netting

And our factory produced the bird aviary netting is stainless steel material, this material life more than 30 years, will not rust, no corrosion, no pollution. Stainless steel material Bird aviary netting have good wind load capacity, bearing strong, even in the typhoon area, will not be destroyed. In the snow area, will not be crushed. Stainless steel material  bird aviary netting can give birds a long and safe home.

The size of the  bird aviary netting from many sizes, from 0.8inch to 3inch or larger, can meet the needs of different birds. Stainless steel material Bird aviary netting mesh size can be done 200m2 per panel, or larger size Customized.

On the basis of high quality, the price of the stainless steel material bird aviary netting is very reasonable and competitive, the customer ordered directly with our factory, no intermediate links, no brokers. One-time investment, built into a 30-years project which without post-maintenance, no post-cost. Amortization is a cost savings.

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