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Stainless steel outdoor aviary fence order has been delivered

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Stainless steel outdoor aviary fences are used in cage applications for large birds. Common large aviaries include: peacock aviary, flamingo aviary, macaw aviary, cockatoo cage, toucan cage, white-headed crane house.

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The stainless steel outdoor aviary fence is suitable for outdoor environments because stainless steel has an excellent resistance to weathering. Stainless steel material is an alloy material. It inherits the excellent toughness and firmness of iron. It adds some elements to make the stainless steel material have stronger physical properties and no rust, no aging, acid and alkali resistance. , a lot of chemical properties such as corrosion resistance. As an outdoor aviary, it faces a very harsh environment, exposure, rain, snow, and very strong ultraviolet rays. The stainless steel material is perfect for the task of an outdoor aviary.

In addition, the stainless steel outdoor aviary fence has flexible flexibility. It can adapt to the frame and design of various shapes, which greatly expands the application range of the product. Whether it's a zoo or a home, this material can be easily tried, and its flexibility allows it to be easily installed with a simple tool. This also greatly reduces the cost of labor.

The stainless steel outdoor aivary fence is a flexible stainless steel cable mesh that supports custom, maintenance-free, long life and has a service life of more than 30 years in a single installation. It seems that this is very cost-effective. As a stainless steel bird net manufacturer with more than 20 years of production experience, Liulin has many customers all over the world and likes this new product. I hope that you can choose and try this creative product and look forward to your inquiry.