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Zoo Aviary Netting suppliers in China

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Zoo Aviary Netting suppliers in China

Zoo Aviary Netting suppliers in China

This is a factory producing Zoo aviary netting products in China localed in shijiazhuang, hebei province. We have more than 20 years of experience in the production of technology. Before we have a patent, patent period of ten years, so for this zoo aviary netting mesh, we are very professional.

Zoo aviary netting is one application of stainless steel zoo mesh, mainly for kinds of zoo bird netting, bird park fence, aviary fence, aviary wire netting and so on.

The material of zoo aviary netting is AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel, X-corss hand woven by Multi-stranded wire ropes, so we call it stainless steel wire rope mesh. Unlike other wire mesh with single wire, this kind mesh is more flexible and soft, the important is, the mesh knots will not move, this can make sure the mesh hole keep a fixed size.

Lot of mesh models can be used for zoo aviary netting, so when selection, need according to the specific circumstances to choose the appropriate specifications. Our suggestion is: choosing the right wire rope diameter according to the largest birds' sizes in the aviary; choosing the right mesh aperture according to the smallest birds' sizes. If you not quite sure, we'd like make some recommend.

When order the mesh, we need know the mesh panels sizes and quantity. You can customize the mesh panels sizes, we will be in strict production accordance with the required sizes. Custom size can reduce waste and save costs.

If you are worried about installing the problem, it is completely superfluous. The installation zoo mesh is very simple, no technical difficulty. The installation details are as follow:

installation zoo mesh

zoo aviary netting installation

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