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Bird Aviary Mesh Protection Project

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Stainless steel bird aviary mesh protection project are always using 2” mesh. This is a common option for birds.

Liulin zoo wire mesh made a lot of mesh for bird aviary mesh protection project, including company in Germany, Bird Park in UK, and zoos in Canada, etc.

There are several options for birds aviary mesh: #1225, #1625, #1651, and #2051.

Small birds aviary project will choose 1” mesh aperture, then #1225 and #1625 would be perfect for the project. The small aperture can protect the small birds not escape from their enclosure and the predators cannot access to the aviary.

For some large birds such as crane, ostrich, flamingo, even eagle, 2” mesh would be fine. #1651 and #2051 mesh is the suitable options.

aviary mesh (3)aviary mesh (4)

The bird aviaries are also designed in different ways. 

Stainless steel rope mesh can easily cope with different designs. Because the wire rope mesh is soft and flexible, it can be stretched, folded and cut. Stainless steel rope mesh bird exhibits are close to nature and can blend in with the surrounding landscape, becoming an invisible barrier with excellent permeability.

A good birdhouse design not only ensures the safety of birds, but also provides enough space for them to move around, and a comfortable habitat that imitates nature.

Stainless steel rope mesh aviary mesh can be applied not only to various birds, and other animals, such as monkeys, gorillas, tigers, lions and leopards, long-strength deer, zebras, kangaroos are very suitable. Stainless steel rope mesh animal cage net is the preferred material for zoo fencing.


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