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Cable Mesh Netting Order Delivery

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The first cable mesh netting order in the year of 2023 was shipped this week. Liulin zoo wire mesh manufacturer completed hundreds of orders last year. And we began our new working trip in 2023 by finishing the first stainless steel cable mesh order this year.

The order was placed by our regular German customer, with whom we have been working for many years. Every time they receive a new project using wire rope mesh, they contact us first for quotation and delivery time. The order process is very smooth, almost two or three working days to determine the size and all the specific requirements, and it is very efficient to work with them.

cable mesh netting order delivery cable mesh netting rolls

After the order is placed, it is time to create the cable net production order and arrange production. The production time is generally between 5 and 30 days depending on the quantity of the order. In case of special requests for orders with a larger number of cable zoo nets, the production time will be extended accordingly.

It was worth all the wait. Our hand-woven meshes are custom made to the size requested by the customer and are very painless to install and do not waste material. Customers are very satisfied with this service.

cable mesh netting shipping by aircable mesh netting

Our workers are also very experienced. They are skilled craftsmen and are very proficient in weaving various sizes of zoo cable netting. Therefore, there is no doubt about the quality of your cable netting order.

Feel free to contact us for more information on custom cable mesh. Please contact us directly at sale@ssnetting.com