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Flexible Ferrule Mesh

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Flexible Ferrule Mesh is a kind of steel mesh similar to stainless steel cable woven mesh. The difference is that ferrule mesh using steel ferrules as the connection part. The steel materials of cable ferruled mesh are the same with woven cable mesh. They all take AISI304/316 wire ropes as the mesh material.

Please see more details on the mesh photo:

flexible ferrule mesh and woven mesh

The standard mesh angle of flexible ferrule mesh is 60 degrees, and woven mesh would be 90 degrees. This is due to the difference in the connection between the two ropes. The cross-woven mesh makes the mesh open at a certain angle in the natural state, and it is easier to open a larger angle during installation. The hole of the stainless steel ferrule mesh is closed under natural conditions. This is the main reason for the smaller opening of its angle.

ferrule mesh and woven mesh samples flexible and soft

The ferrule mesh is very flexible and soft. It is can be rolled and folded. It can adapt to various shapes designing. That is why zoo enclosures or building designers love stainless steel ferrule mesh.

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