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Hand Woven Mesh Order Completed

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Factory selling stainless steel hand woven mesh exhibition fence-

Liulin zoo wire mesh shipping the hand woven mesh order to the United States

hand woven mesh

This is ONE piece of net. It combines by three same sizes smaller mesh panels. Our customer wanted to have the completed roof mesh. They are the first time using the mesh and don't have much experience on the installing. So we joined the three mesh pieces together. 

The mesh is convenient for shipping because it can be foled and rolled.

hand woven mesh order

Trusted hand woven mesh supplier - Liulin zoo wire mesh

If you want to use stainless steel hand woven mesh exhibit fence for zoo, please choose Liulin stainless steel rope fence factory. Liulin zoo wire mesh is a new type of high quality zoo fence made of international quality stainless steel wire rope in 304 or 316 grade.

Hand woven mesh made the zoo enclosures more and more close to nature

The design of zoo enclosures and cages has changed considerably in the last two decades. Early zoos attempted to display a wide variety of species, with relatively little space for each species.

Until the early 1980s, zoo animals and birds were often kept in outdoor concrete caves or metal cages, or in glass-walled indoor exhibits with sterile title walls and concrete floors. In these cramped and inappropriate environments, animals often exhibited atypical behaviors such as lethargy, regurgitation and food reintroduction, and fecal consumption.

In recent years, the trend in zoos has been toward larger "whole landscape" exhibits designed to place animals and visitors in a simulated natural environment. Designers use Willow Grove stainless steel wire mesh combined with live vegetation, large trees, rocks, flowing water and soil or glass substrates to create habitats that are interesting, functional, beautiful and educational.

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Animals and birds accustomed to living in more traditional zoo cages take some time to adapt to these more natural environments. However, combined with a variety of enrichment environments and increased outdoor areas, natural zoo habitats have been shown to increase the range of natural behaviors exhibited by captive wildlife and reduce the incidence of abnormal behavior.

Love animals, choose hand woven mesh

We love animals, Liulin Stainless Steel Rope Fence Factory has been supplying various animal enclosures for zoos, which are safe and environmentally friendly, do not harm animal fur, and provide a safe and comfortable natural habitat for animals.

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Factory sales zoo hand woven wire mesh exhibition fence, factory price, quality assurance.

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