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Hand Woven Wire Netting

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Take a look at the netting in the photo. How delicate and beautiful wire rope cable net is made? Is it machined? No, it is a hand woven wire netting mesh

Yes, it is right, it is woven, and it is hand-woven.

Wire ropes have been widely used in the last century. The steel wire rope woven net is a very creative and practical invention.

Liulin Zoo mesh manufacturer has been engaged in the hand woven wire netting industry for more than 20 years, with rich experience and strong professionalism. Customers rely on our professional technology and high-quality wire mesh products. Our customers are all over the world.

Hand-woven wire mesh relies on high-quality steel wire cables raw materials. When Liulin selected the raw material factory, after rigorous inspection and testing, we finally determined a stable supplier of steel wire cables. Therefore, we can guarantee that the material of the product is absolutely in line with international standards. Moreover, our technology is mature, and the mesh opening and size of the wire rope net can be customized. This provides customers with great convenience, both in terms of installation and reducing waste.

Stainless steel hand-woven wire mesh can be used in the following areas:

          ● Zoo enclosures

          ● Fall protection for helipads

          ● Safety nets

          ● Façade design

          ● Decoration

          ● Fences

Liulin can arrange production within 24 hours after receiving the customer's order. From material preparation to threading, to weaving, then packaging and transportation, professional staff will serve you.

We look forward to working with you to provide you with excellent wire rope mesh products.

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