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Monkey Exhibits Fence Mesh

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Liulin stainless steel wire rope mesh is professionally used for monkey exhibits fence mesh, wire rope monkey fence nets, golden monkey metal cage nets, monkey enclosure nets, monkey fence nets, monkey protective fences, monkey safety nets, etc. The cable mesh product is durable and integrates with nature. It can not only create an ecological environment suitable for monkeys to grow, but also give visitors the best vision without the feeling of fatigue.

Stainless steel wire rope net is a kind of flexible net fabric. As a monkey protective fence net, it can effectively protect the fur of monkeys. Its tensile strength and breaking force are also very strong. It is a very good cage fence net for apes, baboons, and apes who like to climb mountains. Free folding, free folding, convenient transportation, flexible installation, can be designed according to any shape, not affected by terrain. The overall mesh size is customized and covers a wide area. It is an ideal choice for outdoor large animal cage nets.

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There are about 200 species of monkeys in the world. The smallest is the pygmy marmoset, and the largest is the colorful mandrill. Monkeys like people and belong to the "primate" zoology.

Liulin zoo mesh – monkey exhibits fence mesh can adapt to almost all kinds of the primates. The mesh even can be made as the tunnel design. It is very attractive and creative construction in the zoos and parks.

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