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Park Fence Mesh Sample Order Shipping

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Stainless steel wire rope mesh as the park fence mesh is both attractive and strong. Both cable woven mesh and cable ferrule mesh are beautiful and has strong tensile strength. 

Liulin Metal Fabric is an expreienced stainless steel cable fence mesh manufactuerer and supplier in China. We are the reliable vendor for many customers around the world. We keep good relationship with our customers including zoos, parks, and construction companies.

Before placing orders of park fence mesh, customers would like to request a small piece of sample or placing a sample order.

Don't underestimate the small samples, it is very useful for a big project.

No matter park fence mesh, wire mesh fence, or other projects, no matter what kind of project, a full understanding of materials is required in the design stage. The sample can give you a full understanding of this product. Including material, expansion, specifications, installation and so on. 

When you don’t know or have never used this park fence net product, trial order is a very effective and necessary way to understand the product’s features.

park fence mesh sample park fence mesh order

Liulin Metal Fabric is very happy to provide customers with samples and sample orders. If the sample size is not specified, then we can provide it for free; and the requester just needs to pay for the shipping. We are willing to provide you the opportunity to fully understand the stainless steel rope net.

Last week, we sent the sample order to our Canada customer. If you also need stainless steel cable mesh, please contact us for more information and samples.

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