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Stainless Steel Animal Fence Mesh Used in Projects

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Animal fence mesh made by Liulin zoo wire mesh fabric, is absolutely first class in the world.

Stainless steel animal fence mesh is the main application of stainless steel woven cable mesh. The wire rope mesh can be used in many kinds of projects, like tiger perimeter fence, monkey tunnels enclosure system, bird flight aviary, and others.

Liulin zoo mesh has been worked with many famous zoos and parks. And we have involved in many projects. Today, we will introduce to you some wonderful designing with stainless steel woven cable mesh.

aviary roof mesh

Super large aviary roof mesh net

Several mesh pieces are connected together by ferrules 

and steel lacing cables to form a super large-size roof net. 

Looking from the ground to the roof high in the sky, 

there is almost no connection point being seen.

                Sophisticated tunnel mesh system

                The seemingly complicated tunnel mesh system actually 

                has the simplest working principle. 

                Just bend the rectangular mesh into a cylindrical shape

                and support it with stainless steel rings, and finally 

                fix the mesh on the rings.


Perspective view of fencing system

Whether it is a stainless steel woven mesh or a cable ferruled mesh, 

it is very transparent. Because of their unique diamond grid structure, 

the other side of the fence is unobstructed in front of visitors. 

Therefore, the stainless steel rope net fence system can bring a better 

viewing experience for visitors.


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