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Stainless steel cable wire mesh costs

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Liulin Wire Mesh is a leading stainless steel wire mesh supplier and factory, providing high-quality stainless steel wire mesh to zoos, builders and designers worldwide. So, what are the stainless steel cable wire mesh costs? How is it sold? By rolls? Or by pieces?

Stainless steel wire mesh is priced in square meters or square feet. The area and size of the mesh can be customized. Very convenient.

Compared with other materials such as plastic and nylon mesh, the price of Liulin zoo wire mesh may be relatively high because of its higher cost. Compared with other suppliers of the same quality, Liulin Wire Mesh can provide customers with ex-factory prices, quality assurance, size customization and installation guidance.

After more than 20 years of experience accumulation, Liulin stainless steel cable mesh has strict quality control. All products comply with international standards and are exported to Europe, North and South America and Australia. Our zoo wire mesh is well received by customers.

The price of stainless steel rope nets is square meters or square feet. Three main factors affecting the price of stainless steel woven cable nets: 

Raw materials - Metal prices affect the prices of zoo animal mesh costs.

Labor costs - Since the mesh is hand-woven, labor costs is a major factor.

Exchange rate - The chaning of exchanging rate have a certain impact on the price.

To get a specific stainless steel cable wire mesh costs, please contact us and let us know the specifications you need. We will send you a detailed quotation within 24 hours.

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